This is an important blog, please make sure to read and comment if you have any questions.

Hey guys. This page is very late, and related to why it took me so long to post this is some very bad news. As you all know by now my main source… well, my only source of income is through my commissions. I don’t exactly get paid very much for this comic at all. So as upset as it makes me to say when something bad happens the comic has to be put on the back burner as it doesn’t bring in enough money. I had a very bad week, to say the least. There was an immense amount of drama with my bipolar mom and things have gotten so much more stressful for me. It’s gotten to the point where I now feel I need to move out literally as soon as possible. So it’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce And Once Again is going to be on a break until I move out later this year and have more room to myself. My girlfriend and I are looking to make this possible in 2-4 months and the reason I’m pausing the comic is because I NEED to focus on commissions or else I won’t make enough money to move out so quickly. Remember though there is an easier way to help support me if you want this comic to return faster… I wonder what it could be… Ah well.

I still have to draw two things for the 4th Tale, though. I haven’t made a Shinigami scroll entry or a To Be Continued title screen yet, I promise I’ll draw those for you guys to post next week. I want to talk about the dreaded webcomic hiatus real quick though. A lot of you guys know that some webcomics end up going on break and never returning. I want to assure you guys that would NEVER happen with me, I’ve put what must be over $3000 bit by bit into advertising my webcomic over the last year. A good deal of this money was donations and gifts, but more than that is money I worked my ass off to invest in my dream project. And Once Again is a passion project for me and it’s one I’ve had to make constant sacrifices for. First the dip to two pages so I could start to earn more money, now the break so I can move out… It’s not something I can ever dream of just abandoning. I’m a professional, come on and have faith in me guys, hehe.

I also want to say that this won’t be an official draught of And Once Again content, either. If anyone makes any fanart please send it to me and I’ll upload it here on the site during my break! I mean it, any fanart would be amazingly appreciated! Feel free to send it to my email or my twitter, up to you. More importantly though, I’m currently in talks with my very supportive editor about making a standalone one-shot type story set in the And Once Again world during my break. You’ve seen his artwork before if you’re current on And Once Again so you should be very excited for that. We have a general idea of what the story will be about but we won’t have specifics for a few more weeks yet to come.