Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s me, the author of that one webcomic you presumably like! It’s been quite some time since I had an official update to share with you guys, but here we are… Got some news for you all.

And Once Again has resumed production.

It will take a month or maybe two before I  am able to post new pages. I am focusing on training for a few weeks while I do the writing for the next couple of scripts. In the meantime I will be making sketches to post periodically on the site, as you all have been without content for much longer than I ever wanted to happen. I feel bad about it but there was nothing that could be done between the move and everything that happened since. It was a lot of junk just so you all know… But yeah, in a few weeks here I will be getting back to actually drawing and sketching the pages and I will start posting them once I have a decent buffer. It will be returning to the twice a week schedule as I still need to rely on commissions to make me money. I would love to start making AOA back on the three page a week schedule but I don’t really make enough money from this to do it… yet.

I made this drawing over the last day or so to give you all a decent present for waiting so long, I hope you enjoy it! I also will make Kusaru-hime’s scroll entry within this next week too, but after that the only updates you’ll get until I’m ready are sketches. Feel free to send me fanart though, I’d love to post that as well!

If all goes well, we will hopefully never have to take a break this long again ever again. To everyone who has remained patient, thank you so much. I love you guys~