It’s not exactly news that my favorite company is Nintendo, I’m quite vocal about my love for their myriad of franchises. I’m not a fanboy as I frequently call them out on their crap when applicable and this recent Paper Mario Color Splash fiasco has got me very interested. I’ve been watching a bunch of videos on the subject and I guess I wanted to spread the message a bit more since it was so intriguing to me.

Rather than a full on RPG like the 64 Paper Mario or GC’s Thousand Year Door, Color Splash is going down the route of being Sticker Star 2, which all fans seem vehemently against. I myself detested Sticker Star and could barely play it longer than a few hours before just being turned off by all of its faults and lack of any innate charm compared to the other entries in the series. The lack of an experience system, original characters and an actual role playing aspect killed it for me.

The thing is, the internet has been abuzz for years with how much they hate Sticker Star. It was very loud and open that the fans didn’t like Sticker Star, yet Nintendo for all intents and purposes announced Sticker Star 2. I don’t like the message that this sends… they ignore a lot of their fans already as it is. F-Zero. Metroid. Ect. But now Paper Mario? I don’t understand why Nintendo lives in this little vacuum where they think they never have to listen to their fans and continue to dumb down some of their franchises to appeal to children instead of aiming for the complexity that their older games had which appealed to both adults and children. All they’ve done is piss off a ton of people who aren’t going to buy Paper Mario Color Splash, myself included.

And to anyone who says you can’t judge a game before it comes out, you’re implying that I can’t use critical thinking and draw conclusions based on the ample evidence given in the announcement trailer. Don’t disservice myself and the other fans who very clearly know what they saw.

My thoughts on this turn towards the upper management at Nintendo. I don’t care how much shit this gets me in, but I think that modern Shigeru Miyamoto is very overrated and his design practices ground Nintendo in the early 90s. There hasn’t been an F-Zero game in 12 years and when interviewed about it he just says they haven’t had any ideas for one. Why do you need a new idea if the core idea isn’t broken and can just be refined? Nintendo has this awful idea that they always need to ‘innovate’ rather than ‘improve’. I don’t believe in constant innovation if the fundamentals are all there and don’t need to be fussed around with, and I believe Miyamoto is the one behind this awful ideology. I mean all things said and done, Sticker Star was his attempt at the way he thinks Paper Mario should have been… and it was full of very bad game design decisions meant to innovate yet failing wildly.

I just don’t want them to continue ignoring their fans anymore. It makes me rather sad to keep supporting them when they keep dumbing down all of their products and refusing to make the ones their fans actually want.