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Another one of the prints I made a few months back. It feels so long ago for some reason, despite only having drawn it back in May… I think it was May? I’m not sure.

Anyway, this was a very simple drawing to make but it doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard on it. I think the color choices I made for the Jajanken effect are actually really nice. I wanted to make Gon very dynamic in this piece to reflect the way he charges up the Jajanken with his Nen. It ended up having some cool lighting effects that I painted in and was pretty happy with. I was watching Hunter x Hunter in the weeks leading up to the anime convention I was attending and that led to me wanting to make a lot of HxH fanart for the show. Thankfully the cast of Hunter x Hunter is very popular, so I ended up selling a decent amount of prints… which I then used to buy figures of Hisoka and Kurapika… *sigh*. I really wish I saved that money and put it into advertising for And Once Again. I just get depressed if I leave a convention without buying anything. Plus Anime Alpha was just a crappy con in general so whatever.