Guess this is my first game thoughts column. Let’s have at it.

Uh well that was an unsatisfying ending. I went int Gravity Rush thinking I’d be amazed by some cult classic that I never got to play, and well… I was half right at least!

The other half was just really tedious. I did not care for the combat, it felt super hit and miss… Like 90% of the time I felt like I could barely evade any of the incoming attacks because of how insane the camera angles got. The enemies were really annoying too, and I could barely hit some of the more annoying ones. I didn’t like how they all had a very specifc weakpoint and you just flail around in zero-g hoping one of your gravity kicks connect and that the Nevi don’t randomly shoot at your face while you’re flying towards them. Some of the other gameplay parts were equally frustrating to me, like the part where you have to chase down Raven in freefall. Most of the exploring with your gravity powers was great though.

Time to talk about the story… I really wanted to be amazed. I’m sorry guys, this entire game felt like the set up to a much larger and more interesting game. I mean I know we’re going to get Gravity Rush 2 this year and it’s going to be on an actual console, so all of my worries could disappear… But geez this was unfinished and undeveloped. There were so many plot threads left dangling at the end that I was a little upset. I don’t get it. The setting and characters are really, really amazing… well, Kat is amazing at least as she’s the only character that actually gets developed. And even then, not really… she didn’t get developed, she was just a very fun character who was endearing to me. I like her a lot and want to play her next big-budget console adventure so that she and the world of Hekseville can get the treatment it deserves.

The ending was particularly awful though, I was personally already wondering how much longer the game would go on and then one of the characters is basically like ‘The end is nigh, do everything you want to now before you start the next mission’… Ugh. What followed was a confrontation with the ‘villain’ who was a completely flat character who didn’t have a single line of dialogue until now practically, and a rather dull boss fight.

Seriously, I can’t stress enough that this was not developed enough. But the world, Kat, the art direction and soundtrack are all that it takes to make me give Gravity Rush 2 a chance as soon as it comes out. I believe!