The hard drive I need to fix up my friend’s PC before she sends it to me will arrive at her house in a day or two. We finally have confirmation so with that much I think I can go out and start posting on regular schedule starting this Friday. That does mean twice a week comic pages as per norm, but I’m not uploading anything to make up for yesterday’s absense. If things go ok then I should have the new computer next week at the earliest although the possibility still exists that I won’t be making comics for longer.

If a clean install does not fix the computer then she’s going to have to ship it and than I’ll take it to a PC repair before I can use it. Naturally that could take longer and I’m very nervous that it may come to that but I should know in a few days if we will end up needing to switch back to once a week updates… I really wish this wasn’t all so frustrating right now and I could just get back to making comics, but in the mean time I’m just doing design work and making Smash 4 character posters.