Hey friends, we’re here today to talk about something important. Crowdfunding. Arguably how every major webcomics artists makes most of their money these days, anyone who’s been following And Once Again for a while now should be well aware that I have a Patreon account. For the most part it’s just been sort of dormant until earlier this month when I started to upload my Etrian Odyssey studies on there. I did some thinking today and came up with some very big things that will be happening from here on out.

First though let me explain the importance of Patreon for me as a creator. Patreon is currently where all of my money comes from when it comes to And Once Again. Every cent I earn from it goes back into advertising my comics, too so that I can potentially earn more money. If you’re reading this and you’ve ever been on the fence about donating to me, I strongly encourage it because without crowdfunding I will never be able to make webcomics my full time job. That being said, I’m going to be offering a lot more to you, the Patron, in exchange for supporting me.

For $5 a month I’m going to be sharing a lot of exclusive concept art here and there whenever I have some. This will include upcoming characters, new Yokai which will appear later on in the story. Lots of exciting stuff. I just posted a brand new incentive today too, the very first picture of what Gekido’s hair will look like without his wig.

$10 will let you have access to every layout I make for And Once Again as soon as I finish it. This means you will basically get to read And Once Again (in sketch format) months in advance before anybody else. This is a pretty big deal, I think and definitely worth it if you want to see as much as my creative process as possible.

$20 a month will give you the ultimate prize… You’ll get to see finished pages of And Once Again right as I finish them. No waiting, no update schedules, just you and my comics.

I know one day when And Once Again becomes more popular I’ll attract a lot more Patrons, but for now it’s time to start making an attempt to bring in some more at the moment. With that all said, please support me on Patreon!