I got tired of working on my character’s proportions so I decided to take a break from that to do this artboard for my next comic! This is my take on Sesshu Toyo’s ‘Winter Lanscape’ but I didn’t know it was titled that until just now… so my version doesn’t look especially wintery. But that’s ok, I was aiming to do my own version of the painting from the start and not try to completely copy Toyo’s art! I forgot the little traveller on the road though, my sketch was turned off and I forgot to paint him in. I’m going to be studying and making artboards with a lot of Japanese Landscape artists so I can learn how to draw a fantastical Japanese looking landscape from my head every time I need to call on that skill. Spoiler alert; It’ll be a lot.

Sorry that I haven’t uploaded much on the site in terms of drawings lately. I’ve mainly been doing character design and even though I stream them I don’t want to post stuff like that here! I’ll post art boards though.