Last night before bed I was unsure what to do. I could either shitpost on devianart and try to gain more views that way, or watch something. Catching up on the most recent five episodes has been on my mind for a while so I figured I might as well and write an article about what I thought.

I was thoroughly impressed with all of these- seriously this was an incredible group of episodes. No filler whatsoever, just interesting conent and character development. It started off incredibly strong with the origins of Ruby and Sapphire meeting. This was a very sweet story and gave us a rare look at more Homeworld gems- sort of. Most of them were stylized and silhouettes but hey they looked pretty so that’s all that matters right? The singing portion was nice but I feel like it wasn’t necessary, I dunno. I liked it but maybe I just felt it felt unnatural amidst the drama? I can’t put my finger on why it was off.  I also really don’t get how future vision is supposed to work after all this time. Why didn’t Saphire see Ruby doing what she did? Will this be a plot point later or is it just supposed to be some random destiny moment? Regardless the interactions between Ruby and Sapphire were wonderful and I loved how the whole thing turned out, it was a very satisfying episode.

Steven’s birthday was fun enough but it was the closest thing to a filler in this bunch of eps. It was just more ‘he’s a half-gem and he’s different’ shenanigans even if it was a bit more serious this time. Still pretty good but the remaining three episodes were a huge high point of not just these eps but the series so far as a whole. It was great seeing Peridot developed the way she was… She had been growing on me more and more but I just couldn’t jump the fence and commit myself to liking her as a character until now. I adore the characterization she got here, being unable to accept anything less than ‘optimal’ they made her realizations hit a lot harder. She kind of brings into perspective how messed up Gem culture must actually be by having so little sense of self that when she actually defends her new ideals it’s an entirely new world for her. I also liked a bit of the subtleties- like how when she calls Yellow Diamond after trying to betray the Crystal Gems she’s just like “This is Peridot!” and Yellow Diamond is just like “Which Peridot?”. I don’t know, this line just made me think that her time so far with the protagonists made her much more self aware that she identifies more as an individual and it was a really nice subtle touch.

Seeing her absolutely snap on Yellow Diamond and insult her was wonderful, cementing her place as a new protagonist and honorary member of the Crystal Gems. I really do like how she wasn’t aware that she felt all the things she said and that she had to have a confrontation with Yellow Diamond to reveal to herself how different she became. Characterization like this is really hard to pull off so I can’t help but just be impressed by it. I also really do like the development she got in the last episode of the bunch, it was sweet to see her come closer to understanding Garnet just a little bit and very telling that she actually was ok with attempting to fuse if it would mean getting to know her better… This was a wonderful batch of episodes, and as always I’m looking forward to more. I’ll write up my thoughts whenever the next ones come out.