Here we are with the first official review type thing I’m posting on my site here. Instead of some arbitrary 1-10 score that most reviews seem fixated on, I’m going to instead just use Yes or No recommendations to simplify the process into just what I outright though about the series in question and whether or not I think its worth your time based on my experiences.

Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun is something I went into completely blind. All I knew is that it was a romantic comedy and that the main character mistakes the heroine for his fan when she confesses to him. What I didn’t know was that this was a series about the creation of manga, with the protagonist being author of a hilariously stereotypical shoujo comic running in a monthly magazine. I personally enjoyed this greatly as it takes very large jabs at the flaws of the Nozaki’s artwork but also addressing the shortcomings of most shoujo series in general. His story is obviously a parody of the most common girl’s comic cliches and it’s riddled with poor backgrounds, inconsistencies and incredibly thin to non-existent characters. Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun is a very humorous take on making comics and it points out a lot of silly things that happen to real artists a LOT. I appreciated a lot of what they made fun of because I personally have ran into the same problems earlier in my art.

Although a great amount of time is spent developing Nozaki’s work, just as much time is spent developing the cast of characters around him whom he models his manga protagonists after. The supporting cast is wonderful, with each having their own romantic partner they share hilarious dynamics with. I can’t stress how absolutely rare it is to see a cast that’s this likable without a single one of them falling short. Something I should point out is that the relationships of each pairing don’t mature very fast, but you won’t mind so much because the hysterical misunderstandings that keep them apart yet together will make you laugh loudly and also be astounded by their cuteness. I want to see all of these couples succeed, not only because this is still a romance manga at heart despite the slow baby steps the characters have made but because the characters themselves are so unique and entertaining.

I’m glad that the first review I did was for something I could give a rare, glowing recommendation for. But here we are, so what do I think? Should you read it?