Hey everyone, in my never-ending quest to make money I’ve started streaming all my artwork on Picarto as I’ve said this week before. It’s been a bit rocky and I’ve had to work out a lot of streaming kinks involving the resolution and the bitrate and all kinds of things I’m unnacustomed to… but I finally got settings that work laglessly and also look great. Starting tomorrow streams will be in very nice quality and you are free to join me whenever you wish. Because I’m a premium member they let me download all of my streams and since the file size is quite nice and small for these new settings I’ve decided to launch an Official Youtube Channel!

It’s not exactly pretty yet and the first two videos were from before I had the lag problem sorter out, but you will be seeing a lot of my drawing sessions ending up on there. If you’re interested I strongly encourage you to subscribe, like and all that youtube stuff that people tell you to do on youtube. I need to work on my level of enthusiasm.