Because of Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-Kun I ended up on a pretty sizable romance-manga bender. We’ll cover some more of the stuff I’ve read because of that, starting with this humorously named series.

Ojojojo is rated very highly no matter where I looked. Very, very highly. People seem to treat it as some sort of hidden gem of the romantic comedy genre, but I don’t quite put it that far mainly due to how little of it there is. I did enjoy it though. The premise is pretty simple but its what’s done with it that works so well. A rich girl transfers into school and falls in love with a strange boy who acts like he’s from the early Showa-Era of Japan. She is amusingly less stereotypical than you’d assume going into Ojojojo, and I would definitely reccomend this series to anyone who thinks that tsunderes are lazy, or dumb. The protagonist takes this cliche and deconstructs it practically and has some pretty solid reasons for being the way she is.

Her love interest on the other hand is an equally well written character. A silent, thoughtful type at first glance, he ends up showing some rather complex emotions whenever he takes the spotlight and gives some narration. Its a shame that this series doesn’t have any more chapters as he’s very sympathetic and he didn’t get to take the spotlight too much in the second volume… As for the other characters they are pretty standard. There was some nice development for one of them toward the end of the current chapters, but I don’t know. I don’t feel it was especially moving even if I enjoyed the character enough. I wanted more time to develop the main duo and not so much their random best friends.

If I were to boil down my thoughts towards Ojojojo it would be “promising”, but due to its release schedule I don’t see it being something I’ll be heading back to face first when more chapters are available. It was originally meant to be a one-off graphic novel, but he was told eventually to come back to it and improvised the second volume. Would I reccomend it though? Yeah go for it. It’s super short at 28 chapters and they’re only like 10 pages each if that. Not a bad way to kill an hour or two if there aren’t any other series you could be reading.