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When I was drawing up lots of prints for the anime convention a few months back I made this illustration of Cell in his perfect form. I really wanted to draw him standing in front of the Cell Games arena. Toriyama has a really good style when it comes to creating his villains honestly, there’s something just so fun about them yet evil all the same. Naturally this makes them very fun for me to draw, since I love drawing good villains. Cell didn’t have the same emotional weight as Frieza during the Frieza saga did but I still really enjoyed him as an antagonist. I think the Cell Saga as a whole gets a lot of unecessary hate. I don’t think I rendered the background very good on this, and the same can be said of his coloring. For coloring him I was trying something out and it didn’t quite work out but the final piece ended up looking good enough when I printed it out in postcard size. But hey I drew this months ago, I’ve gotten way better since then thankfully.