I wanted to let everyone know that as of yesterday I finished sketching all the remaining pages for Noble Saga. Production is moving pretty smooth all things considered and I am still far ahead of update schedule.

Anyways for anyone who wants to hear my thoughts, I watched the animated film 5 CM Per Second last night…

Makoto Shinkai’s animation and art direction was … Well let’s just say calling it ‘god tier’ would be a huge insult, but damn the story.  I fully understand that it’s not a happy love story and that it’s meant to show how mentally ill this boy is but it just struck me as insufferably forced and melodramatic. I practically cringed when he said “I wonder when I got into the habit of writing text messages to no one.”

I do like how it showed he was screwing his own life over this dumb thing from when he was 13, and my favorite part was how in the second part he’s totally ignoring the obviously more interesting girl hopelessly in love with him (for no reason, of course) but I do like that there was at least emphasis on the 2nd girl being so much more complex and with her own struggles but it really just made the main character look worse by comparison. I can’t really call it a tragedy because I couldn’t feel anything for the guy and he’s just doing this to himself.

I could definitely see it actually happening in Japan though with how reserved and inefficient they are with mental illness but man, the melodrama… I was surprised the entire movie didn’t have a pretentious indie rock soundtrack playing obnoxiously in the background. That part was a joke, the music and the quiet scenes were quite nice and the whole thing was well paced.