Yeah seems like I’m in one of those moods again. Time to binge on cute romance manga to distract me from real life once more yay, this time I’m bringing to you an ongoing series that I picked up a long time ago and rediscovered today. It’s a short read thus far and thankfully I can whole-heartedly recommend it.

Spoilers Ahead

Sensei Lock-On! by Shindou Arashi is about the misadventures of a couple who have an odd set of circumstances. You see, Kazuki is 20 and the lovely Kyouka is 33. Ok, kind of odd but… well, she was also his 4th grade teacher. He was obsessively in love with her since he was a child and the young teacher brushed it off as the silly musings of a little kid only for him to randomly propose to her upon reuniting with her in his adulthood. She at first is quite dense about his advances before realizing that he’s absolutely serious and gets swept along in his pace. Romance ensues. Aw yeah.

Sensei could have prevented the fedora by not friendzoning him. It's all her fault.

Sensei could have prevented the fedora by not friendzoning him. It’s all her fault.

This premise while possibly icky for some is played really straight and they run with it fully. Sensei is ashamed of herself for falling for her former pupil but her reactions are really adorable. She is more than a little hung up on her age and VERY self conscious about their 13 year difference… but what’s really cute is how she ends up taking care of him and unintentionally acting like a teacher to him whenever she wants to be lovey dovey. A bad habit she just can’t break, but it leads to some adorable moments.

I want to point out how absurdly cute the art is. I haven’t read anything else by this author yet I instantly regard them as a moe master. They’ve seemingly captured all the subtle cute skills it takes to make such a wonderfully adorable character in a way that impresses me with almost every panel. The art really helps the delivery of all the great jokes from Kyouka-sensei’s adorable reactions to Kazuki’s loving daydreams.


2 Uguu 4 U

It’s a really short manga so far so I don’t have too much more to talk about. I recommend you just go check it out here if you’re so inclined.