I have been waiting to talk about this for a while now guys, as it’s something I’m happy to be a part of…

Awhile back my friend introduced me the videos of Davepretendo, also known by his character’s name, Sephirothsword57. After watching a single video I marathoned the guy’s entire channel because it was so hilarious I couldn’t help myself. The character of SS57 is a parody, an exaggerated stereotypical basement dwelling fedora donned otaku fuckboy who loves Sonic the Hedgehog, Naruto and all the stuff you’d expect. Naturally he’s also a gentleman. But what makes the videos so hilarious is that they’re awkward and cringey on purpose making fun of all those really awkward weeb traits that make you shudder in real life. Dave’s a master at parodying this and his videos rise and rise in quality through the first season as he starts to get better at video making and planning things out. It’s really funny from the get go but he gets into some amazing highbrau shit in his Undertale and Bloodborne and Mario Maker reviews towards the end of the season, but even his non-review videos are complete gold. Like the subtle things the character does that are just so weeb and trashy… like how he’s unboxing a new PS3 game and awkwardly shouts ‘ITADAKIMASU’. I seriously just loved this guy from the second I first watched his videos.

So I took it upon myself to reach out to Dave and let him know how much I loved his work. He’s still a relatively small youtuber but I believe he can grow his audience a lot more and I wanted him to know that I will support him anyway I can. I offered him my skills to do all the art for his channel including the video thumbnails and we’ve gotten pretty close after we talked more and more and after a three hour skype call the other day we finalized our partnership and then talked about Jojo for an hour, lol. But yes, I’m going to be doing all the art for his videos from now on and he’ll credit me, giving me some valuable traffic in return. He’s a really sweet, kind and overall fun guy who has a huge amount of fun with this so please go check him out and marathon all his videos like I did.


Below is my first video thumbnail for his upcoming Final Fantasy 7 video which you can watch at his channel sometime Sunday or Monday. Think of this as a special preview.